Headband Cordless LED dental surgical light CKD203AY-8

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Introducing the CKD203AY-8, an Ultra-Bright LED Dental and Surgical Headlamp designed for precision and comfort. Experience unparalleled illumination in dental and surgical procedures with our state-of-the-art headband light.
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  • Headband LED dental surgical light CKD203AY-8
  • Headband LED dental surgical light CKD203AY-8
  • Headband LED dental surgical light CKD203AY-8
  • Headband LED dental surgical light CKD203AY-8
  • Headband LED dental surgical light CKD203AY-8
  • Headband LED dental surgical light CKD203AY-8
  • Headband LED dental surgical light CKD203AY-8
  • Headband LED dental surgical light CKD203AY-8
  • Description

Illuminate Your Work with Precision - CKD203AY-8 LED Headlamp

Discover the ultimate lighting solution for dental and surgical professionals. The CKD203AY-8 LED Headlamp combines powerful illumination with hands-free convenience, ensuring every detail is clearly visible.

Unmatched Brightness for Complex Procedures

Equipped with a high-intensity LED light, the CKD203AY-8 headlamp provides brilliant, focused illumination, making it perfect for intricate dental and surgical tasks.

Comfort Meets Functionality

Our headband is designed with your comfort in mind, ensuring a snug fit for all-day wear without compromising stability or performance. Our high-quality headband-style dental and surgical headlight, the KD203AY-8, offers cordless design and features a soft silicone rubber material for maximum comfort.

Features That Set Us Apart

From adjustable brightness to a wide beam angle, the CKD203AY-8 is engineered to cater to the specific needs of medical professionals.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Never worry about running out of light in the middle of a procedure again. Our LED headlamp boasts extended battery life for uninterrupted use.

headband cordless dental surgical headlights CKD203AY-8
Dental surgical LED lights are widely used in dentistry, Departments of Stomatology, ENT departments, general surgery, cervical spine Department of Neurosurgery, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, cosmetology and plastic surgery, pet hospitals and other medical fields. It is a necessary illumination light for dentists, surgeons, and hygienists. in the fine examination treatment and operation. 

dental surgical lights CKD-203AY-8 specification
  • USING The rechargeable lithium battery, longevity of service, and the more comfortable lightweight headlights, it is suitable for all kinds of surgical operations.
  • Technical Specification
  • Items No: CKD-203AY-8
  • Light Source: 3 w LED-high efficiency energy
  • Light Highest Illumination intensity: >13,000 LUX
  • Continually Operating Time: > 3 hours
  • Illumination Spot Size:  10mm to 110mm for 420MM working distance)
  • Illumination angle: can be adjustable.
  • The lifetime of the bulb: >50,000hours
  • Color temperature: 5000K
  • Charge Voltage: AC900V/240V    50-60HZ
  • The weight of the headlamp: is 180g
  • packing weight: with the headband and battery and charge Voltage: 500g
  • packing material: paper box
  • packing size: 20x130x70MM

this style (CKD-2003AY-8) is a portable LED headlight with a headband. It is lighter in design, the headband material is soft silicon rubber, it is soft and can be folded. So it is comfortable.
KD-203AY-8 has edge-to-edge clarity, a pure white beam to aid in dental color matching, And there is an orange filter as a standard accessory.  
Standard packing Includes:headband LED light, battery rechargeable, AC adapter light with filter.

Why Choose CareOptik

Over 20 years in optics, specializing in dental and surgical loupes, LED headlights, and magnifiers.

Our "quality first" approach ensures each product meets high standards, backed by advanced production and strict quality control.

We offer customizable options for a perfect fit and precise magnification, catering to diverse professional needs.

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Experience the CareOptik difference
Quality, innovation, and service tailored to your optical needs.


Who are we?
CareOptik is a trusted provider of high-quality optical solutions, specializing in dental and surgical loupes, LED headlights, and magnifiers.

How can we guarantee quality?
Quality is ensured through strict manufacturing standards, extensive experience, and customer feedback.

What can you buy from us?
You can purchase optical products like the CKD203AY-8 Headband LED Dental Surgical Light, dental and surgical loupes, LED headlights, and magnifiers.

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Choose CareOptik for quality, precision, customization, exceptional service, and worldwide delivery.

What services can we provide?
We offer product customization, excellent customer service, and fast, reliable global delivery.

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